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EPISODE 172 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today, I share with you some of the value I getting from the book ​Be The Man. It’s  absolutely a ​must-read​ for those who want to take their life and business to the next level. 

My revelations here is about another level of truth, and our challenge to rise and  discover this next level of truth. Enjoy! 


Where in your life are you lying to yourself? RIGHT NOW?

I realize you might have to LOOK for it… but where are your BELIEFS or BEHAVIORS not  an appropriate reflection of what you want to create and contribute in this world?

“It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.” – Marianne Williamson

It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.


Go read the book ​Be The Man. (Even if you’re a woman.)


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Hey guys. Welcome to another episode of greatness quest. This is Trevor Crane  and the subject for today is ​BE THE MAN​.

In fact, I’m going to do a book review on called ​Be The Man ​ but this is relevant to  you if you’re a man or a woman. I know you’re gonna love the show today. 

And it’s a video show. So if you are, if you want to check us out on video versus  just audio on the podcast, go to ​trevorcrane.tv​ to check it out. I know you’re gonna love  the show. 


All right. This is only the fifth or sixth time I’ve gone to record this technical  difficulties too long of an episode data. 

But here’s the thing, I wanted to make this short and sweet for you. I wanted to  make this amazing. I want to share with you the value I’ve gotten from this book called  Be The Man. ​ I didn’t want to just give you a review here. I will want to share with you my  own personal experience. I want to share with you how this book and this movement of  the concept that you’re going to learn from this book is changing my life.  

Years ago, I used to lie a lot, used to steal. I found I spent a day in prison when I  was shoplifting after I got caught shoplifting when I was 18 years old and turned 18 and I  had just barely qualified for an academic scholarship that took me from Glendale Community College in Arizona to Arizona state. 
And I had just gotten an A on a summer school exam. And when I transferred they  only took my A so I was a junior in college at 18 years old and I had a 4.0 grade point  average and I put all that on the line to steal some shit from the store because I was  running a pattern of thinking that the world owes me something.  

And I had grown up, I fell into a pattern of telling bullshit lies and it didn’t stop  there. But what happened was, is it stare scared me straight. And so for a series for the  first time in my life after 18 when I got caught, man, it was the cool.  

It was the shiniest thing scariest thing ever. But it scared me straight. And it scared me into actually my truth and living a much better friggin path of, of desiring to  earn something and tell the truth instead of steal. And to try to take things from people.  

So as much as it sucked is when the gift biggest gifts I ever had. And what ended  up happening is this. A few months later, I tried to do something else shitty and  underhanded. And it was gonna be stealing again.  

And I thought that I was still broke and I had a plan to make some money but it  wasn’t going to be something where I was going to steal and I lost the ability to be able to  do it without having a frickin heart attack. 

I did again I was still only 18 I don’t know why I was so stupid to try something  again. But I had my heart felt like I was going to beat out on my chest I broke out into  hives I took off my shirt and I took pictures of the fact that like, I thought I was gonna  fucking die.  

I had to call my buddy we were going to do something with credit cards or some  kind of stupid credit card scam or something less a dude I don’t care what has happened.  We got to call it off. I’m gonna fucking die. I couldn’t take it. And that said that doesn’t  mean that I haven’t told lies to myself many times or told buys to others. 

But what I found in the truth has been the coolest freedom I have ever  experienced in my life. And I’m finding that ​there’s always another level of truth​. I’m  talking about truth. And I’m talking about my learnings and lessons because for the last  eight to nine months I’ve been studying with Garrett in the warrior movement.
And every month that goes by he offers more value and more ways to make a  difference in my life. And I don’t know another human on the planet, not one that is  teaching a doctrine and a discipline that helps you improve all areas of your life, body,  being, balance and business. I don’t know what I know.
I love Tony Robbins. I love so many of my mentors. And they, it’s not liking  mastery University. If you’ve ever been with Tony Robbins, you don’t study wealth, and  you don’t study business. You don’t study relationships. You do all of that. . 

But what about a daily discipline of what do you do every single day to improve  every area of your life, your body being balanced, and business and balance, by the way, is your connection with your family and the people that you love most. And being is your  connection with purpose, and spirit and God and whatever that means to you?  

I don’t know anybody. I get on YouTube, and I look for videos, and Matthew McConaughey has given his 22 secrets of awesomeness and he talks about being able to  excel in one area life but sucking miserably any other see most people don’t have it all  the keys to the Kingdom here are here I have a I wear the blame of the warrior  movement every single day going to wake up, warrior calm to check it out.

My call to action for you today is to ​go get this book ​Be The Man. This is the next  iteration of the best doctrine of how do you shift things? And it starts off with a subtitle that says: ​Stop lying. Start leading today.

And I’ve recently asked questions to you on my podcast and to myself, and I’m  constantly asking questions to challenge myself with and it came up with the revelation  that ​we’re all lying to ourselves about different things​. We don’t always do it  consciously.  

In fact, that was my revelation from my reading today. And when I say revelation,  what I’m talking about is that when you read something and consume something,  whether it’s on a webinar podcast, a mentor, somebody gives you something that you  take the time to go ahead and stop.Pause, jot it down, write it down, put it into your  journal. 
And what this becomes is your scripture from somebody that’s alive. That’s a  human that loves you and it’s you and you get to write it. No, I didn’t come up with this.  This wasn’t my idea. It wasn’t my language of like revelation scripture whatnot This is a  gift Garrett gave me is something I learned by being in this movement.
And I also learned that the journey is never over on you giving to your clients and  you giving to the people that you want to serve. I’ve seen that because I watch Garrett do  it. And he didn’t say, Trevor, you should read my book and write down your revelations.  He didn’t bullshit me. He said, If I’m going to ask you to do something. If I’m I better test  it and try it myself.
See, there’s a difference when you’re following somebody who speaks truth they  speak something in you can smell it, you can feel it. You can tell that there’s an energy behind it. And sometimes you call bullshit. I don’t believe it. And there’s just so that you  go ahead, say I don’t know I don’t think I buy that.
But when somebody’s walking their talk when somebody speaking their truth  when somebody footsteps if you look at their path it is in line with their words they’re  talking about absolute truth.

Stop lying and start living today​ whether you’re a man or a woman. If you’re a  woman you’re probably going to want to give this book to your man or your woman  that’s in a woman and you should share it with your woman I’m cool with that share  with your dogs I don’t care but do Garrett a favor and review it.

You know, read the book. Get the book ​Be The Man. I’ve given this gift to turn  through my friends so far. Ship them the book my cost you should go pick it up on  Amazon today for 20 bucks or whatever it is have it shipped to your house you can start  it tomorrow. Boy Gary gave me was some additional coaching and our program he said  brother we need to get better. 

Back to the foundation to the fundamentals of what it means of this belief system.  And I want you to go through this book and in order to show you that I mean what I say  there are so many revelations you will get when you go through this book. 

And then you take time to write down your findings in your beliefs and what what  stood out to you and what’s important to you. When you do that your your you’ll take  your life to another level and the four areas we focus on body being balanced in business  and he didn’t just give it lip service he decided to do it himself. 

So do you know of an author that reads their own book and goes back through to  learn from it at from the first word to the last word from the forward to the end of the  book and then is willing to share his notes and revelations about and share his internal  fears and his his his the still the battles that he has with his own at whatever his shit is. 

And then not just Garrett but his entire team and the entire leaders that are in the  program and not just go through it but to share their findings with the rest of us.  

See what I’ve discovered today in my revelations that I wrote down in my journal  is that ​there’s always another level of truth​ and ​our challenge is to rise in the truth​. To have the courage to say what I need to say ​because sometimes we lie.

You remember we don’t mean to mean to but to find our next layer of truth and  when we do we give other people permission to do the same that’s a great Marianne  Williamson quote by the way. 
I’m not going to get into that right now actually know what I’ll share it on the daily  dose notes. I’m going to share the the Marianne Williamson quote about the light in the  darkness is a frickin great one I’m not in the right mind space to repeat it for you right  now. But here’s my channel Go get this book.
I want to give you one more gift. The daily quote is going to be Mary out from  Marianne Williamson it’s a long one but it’s beautiful one on powerful beyond measure  it’s it’s pretty cool. ​It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.

That’s it I’m kind of getting a now I want to go ahead and share with you  something by sharing my screen I did this on my computer so that I could go ahead and  pull it up for you so real briefly let me do that always seems to pause here so bear with  me I may do a little video edit to take that out. But this isn’t that that bad. 

So I’m gonna share with you my screen real quick. Oh, two things I want to share  with you Amazon and go here real quick. If you look at this book on Amazon, and I hope  we this will happen again. I tried to record this the first time and there is a glitch and I  couldn’t get it done. 
And I was bragging that there were 87 reviews on the be the man book on  Amazon and then I refresh my computer to do it again. And there’s 145 five star reviews,  not one less than a five star review. This book is here. 

But here’s the thing. One of the beautiful things about this book is it’s up and it’s  available in 147, 45 men. I’m assuming men maybe there’s women as well that have  reviewed this book in the last 24 to 48 hours phenomenal. But what Garrett’s missing  here and what I like to do with Epic author publishing is I like to help people position  their book so that Amazon can promote you to everybody who’s looking for your content. 

And as if you scroll down here I don’t see the Garrett is in any categories on  Amazon where he’s a number one bestseller and you must be right he’s got 145 reviews here and we’ll talk about reviews here in a second too because this is an important thing  Amazon will pull reviews if you don’t have if they’re if they’re not given in the right way. I’m the comment about that in a second.

But​ if you want to become a number one bestseller on Amazon​, one of the  important things is ​you need to position your book into the categories that are  relevant to your book. 

So that you can actually become a number one bestseller the way this book unless  I’m mistaken, and it’s possible that I’m mistaken, I don’t believe so in any way, shape or  form get right now is number 5000 books, which is frickin incredible. It’s awesome. And  all of Amazon that’s competing with JK Rowling and Stephen King and James Patterson  and every book ever, right? Which is awesome.  

The challenge is, it could be in these other categories, we could become a number  one bestseller in multiple categories across multiple platforms. In international you can  be an inner, I mean, I know he has international audience with this could be in France  and Italy and or excuse me, where do they have they have in India.
This could be in the UK, this could be in Canada, this could be in Australia, but that  positioning needs to happen for each country. You have to pick the categories that you’re  going to position your book in, and where this is really robbing the people. Everybody  that you want to serve is that Amazon is the biggest search engine on the planet for  people who want to buy stuff, who have problems they want solve them results they  want delivered in your book is in there.  

And in this case, now your book is or this is Garrett’s book, and it is there Whoo.  It’s there. The problem is, is unless they look for the exactly these words, they can’t find  it. And Amazon doesn’t know how to promote you.  

What Amazon will do is give you free promotion if they see that your book is  ho​t. And it’s a new it’s a new release with this one is and you see that you have this many  reviews in this short period of time.  

Amazon wants to promote you, but they need the keywords and the categories  that are appropriate to your book and your brand and your message so that they can go  ahead and find the people they can promote to. 

We were talking about is countless thousands of people, hundreds of thousands, if  not millions of people are not currently getting the message that this book is a new  option for them to buy. Now it’s been 24 to 48 hours. So this can be corrected and I’d see  that Garrett does have a publisher here. This is next century publishing.  

So maybe this is in their path and it just hasn’t happened yet. And sometimes it  happens with the algorithm with Amazon. For fuck sakes like that this is a this is an  imperative like to position your book so that you get to take advantage of the partnership  that you get with a billion dollar company that wants to share your message with the  world. 

But now in this case, they have a beautiful book with an amazing message and  unfortunately it’s not position in such a way to share with them yet on the correctness  I’m talking to Garrett and whatever the powers of BD guys make sure this shift because it  drives me friggin insane. 

Now the other thing let me just review this I’m real curious how fast this will will  go. If he’s gotten even more of us that have come in here. We got two more last time I  refresh there’s like friggin 60 more well there’s two more positive reviews that came and  that’s amazing.  

So Garrett’s got a nice following words 2000 men in the warrior movement now  and assumed to be a lot bigger than that and he’s starting his work first warrior  movement for women. Now here’s the next thing reviews on Amazon. This is the other  thing that Garrett needs to be careful of. And you need to be too I’ve had hundreds of  reviews removed from Amazon like this looks brilliant, right? 

Now but they can be removed tomorrow there’s an algorithm that Amazon has  and if they think that your reviews are bullshit they’ll just pull them so what I’ve got for  you as a gift because if you want to leave a five star review for Amazon on Amazon that  Amazon will love then you need to this little checklist.
So if you go to my website if you’re looking at my screen right now and if you’re  not looking at my screen that’s fine you can go to ​trevorcrane.com​ and you can just hit  this little search button the search bar up at the top right and when you hit that search  you want to enter this you want to enter the words Amazon review I did this just a little bit ago and I pulled up there’s a few different blog posts I have about this. 

Here we go. Here’s the one so Amazon review you’ll see that I’ve made several  posts about this about how to get more five star reviews, how to leave a five star review  that people will love and if you click on this big black image here about this is going to  give you the instructions now this is important. For two reasons.  

Number one, you want to leave reviews that stay up. I have currently been  blackballed by Amazon. And I can’t leave a review on people’s accounts and it pisses me  off and I haven’t been able to fix it.  

So like right now, I want to leave Garrett a phenomenal review. And I can’t so I  have to leave that through my wife’s account or or my assistants account or somebody  account to go ahead and leave an amazing review and I will but what a pain in the ass I  can’t even go into my own account, review the book and somehow I must have violated  one of their damn policies, or I’m on their watch list or something. I don’t know what the  bag is.  

But you don’t want that to happen you because it feels like shit. You can’t go ahead  and review somebody’s book when you want to leave an amazing review. The  instructions are here there’s a 123 on it. There is there’s five steps here and I give you  some insight into why and how to be specific and not too long and so forth.  

And then there’s a whole article about it that you can go ahead and download I’ve  done videos on this. I think it’s really important but this is also important for you when  you want to get reviews for your own stuff because if you publish your book and you  want to have Amazon promoting you. 

And by the way getting reviews on your book as soon as possible as soon as your  book goes up online is really important. What happens is if it’s not up there and  somebody who gives you a bad review and you have one review and it’s one star which  happened to this guy. It sucks it’s like a punch in the nuts. 

And then what happens is people see that it’s a one star reviews to someone else is  going to jump on there and give you one star review my first two reviews on my first  book that made me the 10x my income and I’ve now got almost 100 reviews on not as  many as Garrett has in 24 hours the frickin bastard he’s doing amazing job. 

But that first book that has so many great reviews on that now for me, my first  first two reviews were one star reviews and the concerns were actually one of them was  valid and one of them wasn’t it’s not really relevant. Someone just thought I sock then the  other one said that the formatting was shitty, which it was shady.  

I had made a mistake when I first uploaded my book and I didn’t know any better  but I didn’t make the getting new reviews on Amazon my priority which Garrett did  fucking awesome. But I just shared this article with the warrior movement saying guys, if  you want to leave a review that Amazon’s gonna love. Make sure you follow this.
Now there is a distinction here. This is about an E book review versus just a  physical copy. And so someone just asked me on the network, they said, hey, what if I  take a picture holding the book better because now they know you’ve got it.  

And if you leave a video review, it’s even better does look great on Amazon. And if  they show up first, and that’s really cool. And then you’re going to a video review, but  you’ve got to ask them you gotta make that important.

Okay, so this gave you two tips about publishing. One is that ​when you publish,  you need to position your book on Amazon in the right place​. And it doesn’t matter  how many freakin books you sell, you’re not going to get to become a number one  bestseller unless you’ve hit those positions. 
I can’t tell you how many times I consult with my clients and their traditional  publishers to help them figure this shit out. So if you can’t figure that out on your own,  that’s why we have epic author publishing and I’d love to support you.

Number two ​reviews are really important​. And it’s not just important to get  them, it’s make sure that you get verified reviews. So I just hope to Jesus that these  hundred and 46 reviews stay here maybe there’s something slightly different about  paperbacks that’s beyond my knowledge right now. 
And that’s entirely possible. I just don’t want them to be jammed. It’s hard to  download the book here when it’s not even available. He hasn’t didn’t even do the  formatting for the E book yet. But the physical book is amazing. The audio book is  coming out soon.  

My challenge to you again, if you’ve paid that you’re still paying attention to me  here is to get this book and read it, but don’t just read it, to consume it and get through it.  Read it to discover your revelations, and every single chapter. I’m in the process of going  through that now.  

And then I don’t just write it down in this journal. But I’m reporting on it so that I  can go ahead and take everything in my life to the next level. This is a recommendation  for the book. That’s an evaluation of where I’m at so far with it, of what I’ve learned how  to leave an amazing review for it and I hope I hope you join us.
And stop lying, start leading today. I’m just looking at the title right here on the  screen. Okay, that’s all I got for you. I will see you tomorrow another daily dose of  greatness quest. And please share this with someone else that you love. Whether that’s  the podcast, this book, one of my books, whatever it is, we have a moral responsibility to  help make people’s lives better, I believe so do that today.
And I can’t wait to see you tomorrow another daily dose of greatness quest. 

To get even more awesomeness, which means all my best stuff, download my app by texting ​Trevor​ to ​36260​. It will show up right on your cell phone.