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EPISODE 189 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Today, I talk about barriers and fences, ​and what’s standing between you and what you want most. ​Know the good thing? ​You DON’T HAVE TO GO THROUGH the fence.

All of those obstacles have little doors. All you have to do is figure out how to open them.  Then you walk up and go right through. 


What’s standing between you and what you want most?
What should you start doing to get the obstacles out of your way?


“The BIG obstacles in your path have LITTLE doors you can open and just walk right through.” – Trevor Crane

The big obstacles in your path have little doors you can open and just walk right through.


What’s ONE obstacle in your way? That’s standing between you and what you want?
Is it a PHYSICAL barrier?

Or one that lives INSIDE you… between your ears?

Once you’re CLEAR…

What’s ONE DOOR that will help you get beyond it?
And, if you’re not sure THIS MINUTE???

Don’t worry. Keep looking.

Get help. Find a mentor. Often time, they know where all the “secret” entrances are.  Then know the PATH. They have the KEYS that open most doors.

“Seek, and ye shall find.” – Mathew 7:7


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Welcome to another episode of greatness quest. This is your boy Trevor Crane. I  am on the tennis court today and today’s a video episode.

So if you are listening to this, check us out on ​trevorcrane.tv​. The subject for today  are barriers and fences. And what’s standing between you and what you want most. I  know you’re going to love this show.


Okay, so just about a month ago, instead of standing on the inside of the tennis  court where I’m about to work out with that tennis pro. I was on the outside, I’m going to  show you a better picture of this.
So for over 20 years, haven’t really played sports. I’m a weekend warrior time.  And when it was when something came up, I would go play basketball. I go play one  game of tennis in like a decade.
And I’ve never really practiced at tennis before. No, no, never gave me  instruction. Maybe when I was 20, and I was in college.
But for 20 plus years, I have been making the excuse or a ton of excuses to not just  play sports. So I used to be on that side of the fence, I would park in that parking lot. And  I would look at this tennis for a year I looked at that I’ve been going to this gym, this is  the YMCA, there’s tennis courts all over this area. 
And for years, I would know three years for one year workout at this gym coming not every day. But at least probably three, four days a week to this gym. And I was on the  other side of the fence. I was letting this barrier stand between me and just wanting to  have fun and play sports. 

So this is a really short episode today. I don’t know what is standing between you  and what you want. But I will say the cool thing here is that all of these gates and  barriers have little doors.
And all we got to do is figure out how to open them up and just walk right in. And  for me, it was not a physical barrier. That was actually the challenge, right. But there were other barriers. 
There was my time and I didn’t and I had was scared that I would look stupid or I  I don’t know what all my shit was. But I finally just had to make a decision. 
And I love it when Tony Robbins talks about this. And he says that your life  changes and hinges on the moments of decision. So for most of us is just deciding that  you’re going to get something done.
It’s deciding that you’re going to publish your book, it’s deciding that you’re going  to launch your podcast, it’s deciding that you’re going to start the new businesses  deciding that you’re going to say, I’m sorry. 
And I know that there’s big, insurmountable obstacles in your way that should  actually be the subject for today is that the obstacles between where we’re, where we  are, and where we want to go seem insurmountable. Like I can climb that fence, I can  climb up and over, it’s pain the ass who would want to actually do that. 
And so I never did. But there are these really easy entry points and exit points. Maybe another decision that you might need to make is to stop and is it past to stop  something.
So one of the questions you might ask yourself today is that what should you start  doing and how to get that obstacle out of the way? And typically the obstacles between  here and here. And are you going to come to any doors and have locks like you come to  the gate, new man, I thought I thought I could get in. But I can’t get in. I quit. It’s too hard.  The door is locked. I get it. 
So today is silly. I realized, and I’m about to go play tennis here. But a month ago, I  was bitching and moaning and whining to myself. Really, I was the only person that was  listening to myself that I didn’t have the time to play sports and that I really wanted to  pick a sport and go play.
So I did a podcast on the other side of that fence. And I was looking at this gym. I  said, You know what, I’m going to make the decision to just go play not hard. And it was  easier even then making this podcast. It was easier even. 
And walking through this gate. I just needed to decide to do it. And now this is my court at least for the next hour. My wife is going to show up and she and I are doing  private lesson with the gentleman in the blue right there. And this is my court now.
So what are you going to decide my challenge for you today is to decide to do frickin something to get past the obstacles that are in your way to recognize I get it man, their offenses, their obstacles, there’s all kinds of stuff like that’s a big fence.
This is a little fence and you don’t have to go over and you could if that’s what you need to do. Maybe that’s the way it feels to you but just make the decision to do to get  past it.
And that’s it. I’m gonna go play tennis. hope you have an amazing day and I’ll see  you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest.
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