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EPISODE 197 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


My baby just learned to walk.

He started standing at 5 ½ months. Took his first steps (like a penguin) at 7 ½ months…  and today he was walking all over the place at 8 ½ months.

And when he falls down? He gets back up again. And again. And, I suspect… he’s not  going to give up – until,​ he MASTERS this walking thing.

What can you and I learn from this? Well… ​Where in your life, do you give up too quickly  because you’re afraid to fall down, to fail?

Because WE WILL FAIL. A ton. Especially when we’re doing something new. We just  need to remember that when we fall, we get back up.


Where in your life, do you give up too quickly because you’re afraid to fall down, to fail?

Pick something. And take a BABY STEP forward.


“When you notice something is not working, that’s when it’s working.” – Trevor Crane

When you notice something is not working, that's when it's working.​


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Welcome to another episode of greatness quest. Today the subject is BABY’S FIRST STEPS.

Here’s my baby boy, Maverick. We’re sitting outside my house today. It’s a video  episode. If you are listening to this, you’ve got to come see the video because Maverick is  walking. This is not the first day of first steps. But that’s the subject for today.

Okay, so welcome back. This is Maverick. If you’ve not met him before, this is we  call them The Mav, that is the wife, wave the wife, that’s the wife, that’s the house. Yeah.  And I just we’d like to have her sit way well.

But Maverick has been walking a lot today so he’s taken first steps before. But  here’s the thing, we’re noticing you gotta keep get back get getting backup is not the  subject honey your your fault fall down, you get back up, he’ll be fine. What’s he gonna  do fall down.
So the challenge for you all now my dogs going to attack that big German  Shepherd was hopefully not that that’s not gonna happen.
So the thing is, is that there’s a lot of things in our lives that we give up on and I  don’t think my son is going to give up walking now. He has certainly fallen down. Does  he have any bruises on his face right now, honey?

So he’s fallen down. What are his accidents that he’s had so far? He’s, he’s bruised,  that I Hebrews that I, he falls down all the damn time. I got he likes to sit on the corners  of things like dressers or our crib or different things. Look at that little man. And yet he  never gives up.
And so the thing that it is important for you and I to remember is that you are  going to fall down when you start something new. I’m doing a lot of things that are new  lately. I am falling down all the time. Hold on, look at this. Is there a scabbard there I fell  down playing tennis the other day.
So when you fall down you got to get back up. But I’m expecting that I’m gonna fall down. I know that that little dude is going to fall down. So we know that we’re going  to fail. If you start something new, you’re not going to be perfect at it.
My daughter crashed her bike. My son is now eating the newspaper it’s supposed to be this was to be that he yeah he’s supposed to be walking but instead he’s eating the newspaper.

So that’s about all I got for you today. I’m just excited that our little man is eating  the newspaper and falling down and getting back up.
And something that’s funny. You know how I am. I like to add did you want to talk  for another 10 minutes that’s why I’m it’s what someone said to me today on in my kind  of them chat WhatsApp.
She said she started her her recording which is you know where she can come  and ask for help for coaching help with coaching she said I screwed up I really screwed  up and that’s how she started and it was like she started beating yourself up and talking  about what you did wrong. 

And I said would you say that to a three year old? Would you say that like this kid  started walking and then he screwed up he just sat down and data paper newspaper like  yes cubic at screwed up you say that to kids now say why would you say it to yourself so  you know.

I think it’s also good to remember that you can’t expect to be good at something  right away. Or if you never learned how to do it a certain way, if you’re trying something  differently, this is like very new right? 

And then if you fall, you get back up even though sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes  it’s difficult. Sometimes you don’t even know if you’re gonna stay standing but you get  back up. And don’t beat yourself up. Encourage yourself. 

Usually he stands up and clubs for himself it’s actually very but wouldn’t that be  cool dances you know you do something a little bit well like you actually celebrate. You  clap for yourself because you made a little bit of progress. 

Well that’s what he does and I think you can learn from that. So don’t beat  yourself up. Just expect a little bit of failure and it’s all part of.

There’s this really cool story that I like that I think I heard Tony Robbins first tell  and it’s about like this this this old married couple and they’ve got a motorhome and they  and they’ve attached it to like a truck and trailer in so the old guy is is got his wife  helping him and he’s trying to understand.
He’s trying to make sure that the lights works we plug small and and he tells his  wife to sit behind to stand behind the tractor trailer and or the tractor and and tell them  if tell them if the blinkers working so he turns on the blinker checking the brake lights  blink the right brewing crew there left rolling here. 

And what’s happening behind the truck is his wife’s back there. And he’s she says  it’s working. It’s not working. It’s working. It’s not working. It’s working. And what was  happening is the blinker was going on and off, on and off, on and off.  

So oftentimes when things seem like they’re not working, when you notice that oh,  I fell into this old pattern I fell down again I the newspaper when is that when you catch  yourself that’s actually when it’s working. I’ve been harsh on part of myself.
I’m sure you guys are as well when you go on a diet or you create some new  discipline or you say that you’re going to do this new thing and then you slip and you fall  and you fail. And when you notice that that’s when it’s working when it’s not working. That’s when it’s working.
And there he is. He fell down again so I don’t have anything else for you. Just to  celebrate the little man. And I’ll see you tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest. 
Remember the purpose of the show is to help you become your best, to take your  life and business to the next level. So let’s make sure that you make some kind of  commitment to getting back up again and push a little harder and learning whatever it is  to your next baby steps for taking you forward. 
All right later. Bye.
Hey man, you want to clap? Can you give me the clap? Stand up and let’s see hold  on saying that you can see will clap clap clap little dude.Up you go baby. Everybody  clapping. Yeah. Now I got your phone.Who’s who’s kitty really is because he’s not much. 

Bye, bye. 

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