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EPISODE 134 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Here’s an AUTHENTICITY FORMULA you can use to better connect with other people,  and improve your influence. 


Have you ever shared your deepest, darkest secrets to anyone?

How did they react?

“Be real. Be raw. Be relevant.” – Trevor Crane

Be real. Be raw. Be relevant.


Reach out to someone today and share a deep dark secret with them. Maybe something  you’ve been too scared of sharing in the past.
Share vulnerably, how it made you feel when you were uncomfortable, unsatisfied,  unhappy, sad or embarrassed. 
Then, share one tip that you learned from that situation. 

Just be real, raw and relevant. 

Watch what happens. 


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Welcome to another daily dose of greatness quest. Today we’re going to talk about  authenticity. And this is a perfect follow up from yesterday where we talked about how  it’s important to put people first before profit. 
But the great thing about this authenticity formula, which is a subject for today, is  that you can use this to improve your influence with other people.  

I know you’re gonna love the show. 


Okay, so I’ve been studying communication and influence for a long time. I think  of it in the context of marketing. I think it in the context of having making a difference in  people’s lives in in sharing a message and building momentum and creating change.
And what has blown me away is as a young man, I used to think that I needed to  show up a certain way. And maybe to a certain degree, I still do that. I need to look a  certain way. I need to sound a certain way. That I need to be something that I’m not. But  here’s what that is, that’s a lie. That is bullshit.  

And people smell it from a mile away. You know, when I was a young man and I  went to the singles bar, I don’t know if there’s ever really a singles bar. So I think there’s  just bars, okay, so I went to bars, and I was like, Hey, baby, how are you doing?  

I would oftentimes try to dress a certain way, talk a certain way, come up with a  few things to say so that they wouldn’t like me. Now, I wasn’t very good at this. But and I  didn’t necessarily necessarily go out just to hook up, but it’s the analogy.  

I mean, the truth is, is that when I did go out and I was hoping, Hey, I got my  friends. I was hoping to meet a girl I typically wouldn’t. I typically wouldn’t, because I  was in authentic because my communication sucked.  

And here what happened later is that when I had confidence when I didn’t care  whether or not I met a hot girl out when I had a girlfriend that was specifically it if I  already had a girlfriend and I was out lo and behold, somebody came up and some  attractive I’m gonna be attracted to me because I was able to communicate with  authenticity because I wasn’t trying to be something that I wasn’t. 

And if you look at all the great leaders and let me lately I’ve been studying, been  reading some biographies and autobiographies and reading about Mark Twain right  now. I just finished a book by Muhammad Ali I I follow. 

Someone just asked me a question recently about whether or not I thought Tony  Robbins was the real deal or if he was just full of crap and like this, use these guys as, as  the my three examples here. I think that in all three examples, these three humans chose  to communicate mostly with raw authenticity.
And I want to give you a little formula for that. A friend of mine, Garrett, Jay  White, who’s one of my mentors. Now I’m in his Wake Up Warrior Movement. He has  kind of given me these these these three words that I’m going to give you.
Now that’s a formula for authenticity and it can help you just remember what it  means to communicate with other people, with the people that you care about with your  potential clients in the context of marketing.

But if you just want to be a better guy or a better gal, and you want to have more  influence with the people that you care about, just your friends and family, then I think  this is going to be really important for you.
And I’m going to give you a little challenge today to help you with that so that you  can share it with the world. So not just not just you and me, but I think there’s power  behind this. So I’ll give it to you real quickly. The formula is be real, be raw, and be  authentic, be real, be raw on let’s go ahead and use another word because it’s I’m giving  you the authenticity formula, it’s ​be real​, ​be raw​ and ​be relevant​.

See, because if you share a message with somebody that is not real and not raw,  see, I used to think I needed to overproduce things I needed to make them really pretty. I  met Grant Cardone. And he and I were talking about how to make our message. 

My message I was asking him Hey brother you do pretty good with this how do  you how do you create a message that lands with most people and he said you know  what I have a whole film crew here and sometimes we’ll do a really produced well  overproduced production whatnot and put it out.
And he goes, but you know, what if I just pull out my iPhone and just shoot  something real and on the spot he goes, I’ll get just as much attention if not more from one that I just do myself like we are in a world where it’s more about promotion than  production, which is some of the advice he gave me promotion what you’re going to do to  promote your message. But if you want to create a message that feels real and authentic,  all you gotta do is remember these three parts be real, be raw and be relevant.
Now raw, being real is just like don’t Don’t bullshit just just be be be you don’t try  to pretend to be something that you’re not oftentimes we think we need to become more  and do something else and be something else in order to to show up and look good and to  win and get the client get the girl and be cool.
But the truth is, is that what we all really want, if you look at most the media that  goes out there that connects with you, and most of the messages, and most of the  comedians and actors and people that like inspire you.
I just went to Imagine Dragons last night as a concert. And it was phenomenal.  Loved it. In fact, tomorrow’s episode is going to be about Imagine Dragons and some  things that I’ve learned from them by studying the lyrics of their music.
I think they’re amazing, but I believe that they communicate. They’re real. They’re  raw. Raw means that it’s just like, you share the emotions from your soul. You don’t hold  anything back. In essence, you get naked and you you share what it feels like the  emotions that you’re feeling in the darkest of dark times.
And then the highest of high times you just are real and raw. And then the  relevancy is that you want to make sure your message makes sense, like why are you  sharing this message, like give it context. So very often times people don’t communicate  with any kind of context. 

The context of this podcast is to help you take your life and business to the next  level. The whole concept of greatness quest as a podcast, maybe you don’t even  remember why why I started this thing but it is to become your best. 
When my grandfather passed away at age 92 when he was lying in the bed that he  never got out of. He wrote me the last letter he ever wrote me and in there I found what I  thought was a formula for living a life that was great for living your great quality of life  and I thought and then I started the greatness quest podcast.
It started off with 12 video episodes and I made the first one just real I’d really bad hair i’d cold sores all over my face I didn’t frickin care I just ripped it I just was  finally called to you know what if I don’t care i’m just gonna freakin do it. I’m going to do  it even though I don’t look good. Even though I don’t know what to say. You know  whatever. I’m just going to rip it and you can go back and see those first episodes.

If you check out my YouTube channel or ​trevorcrane.com​ you can check those  out. But the point is, is that I got this part already started and I gave us some kind of  relevance greatness quest is about becoming your best that I know you’re already  awesome so far is just how do you become even more awesome become your best that’s the measuring stick.
And then this formula be real, be raw, be relevant is frickin powerful and I’ll give  you one more word this also came from Garrett Jay White, it is just natural, normal  human stuff though these words aren’t his, they’re not mine. They’re really yours and  ours. And it’s to communicate with results.
If you’re going to share a message that matters with people instead of telling just  your truth, which is cool. That’s that’s a phenomenal place to start. but to also share the  truth of the people whose lives you’ve you’ve made a difference to like to to share the  real results that are going on that are not pretty and sugar coated. 
And I think it’s really cool to make yourself look good and sound good. I think you  should do that too. But I’m just giving you an authenticity formula today. Be real be real.  be relevant in your communication and then share it share speaking in results, the  results that you have created for others versus bullshit ideas that you haven’t actually implemented. 
Okay, so now let me give you a little challenge for the day. I think that it would be  really powerful. If you were to reach out to someone today and share a deep dark secret,  something that you’ve been scared of sharing. So, and how about not just do it to one  person. I mean, at the minimum, do it to one person share a deep dark secret that you  used to hold in your closet and it’s time to air out.
It’s time to share that vulnerable how it really make you feel that excuse me, it  sounded sure that vulnerability of how it made you feel when you were really  uncomfortable and unsatisfied and unhappy. And watch what happens now. Share it  with relevance. Share your lesson share like why this was an important and powerful time for you give them the why but just be real raw and relevant.
And share your result. Like what’s your lesson from this? What’s your tip? Give  them one tip. And if you have a big amount of courage here, do it on social media. Pick  your platform of choice. Do a Facebook Live and Instagram Live, you know to something  a write a little post about it. Just open up your Facebook thing and start typing with your  thumbs and make it happen.
And that’s my challenge for you today. Be real, be raw, be relevant. And share  some of your results. Give one tip to this insight you had when you were at one of your  deepest darkest times. Something that you’re scared of sharing, maybe I haven’t shared  before.
And what I think you’ll find is that people will celebrate your authenticity, your  courage to share a message that is powerful about something that made a difference to  you. I know you are powerful beyond measure and I know that it is just a matter of time  for you and I to reach our next level of awesomeness whatever that is.
So make today magnificent and please show up for tomorrow’s podcast. I want to  share with you a little bit of what I learned from Imagine Dragons and how excited I am  about these guys as a band and their lyrics. And I’m just so excited and they they light me  up. And I’m hoping that it fires you up as well.  

Alright, have a good one.
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