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EPISODE 191 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Ask and it shall be given. Seek and you shall find. Knock and it will be open to you.
You might have heard this one before? It was published in a pretty popular book? The bible. Matthew 7:7.

I want to talk about this phrase, and its relevance (AND POWER) to our daily lives  without being all ​religious.

In short:
Ask and it will be given​ is about ​clarity​. Be specific. ​What specifically do you want? And, ask ​intelligently​. I don’t think it says, BITCH and it will be given.

Seek and you shall find​ is about ​patience​ and ​discipline​ and ​hard work​. Do you have  focus that holds your attention ​consistently​ over time. Not aimlessly, glancing about.

Knock and the door will be open​ is about having the courage​ to ask for that which you seek. ​What door will you knock on?​ Who has already been down the path you want to go  on? Are you going to ask for their help?



How will you apply today’s lesson?

“Ask and it shall be given. Seek and you shall find. Knock and it will be open to you.​” – Matthew 7:7

Ask and it shall be given. Seek and you shall find. Knock and it will be open to you.


Get clear about what you want.

ASK intelligently. SEEK consistently. KNOCK on the door that will open to your destiny. 


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Welcome to another edition of greatness quest. This is Trevor Crane. Today’s a  video episode. So if you are listening to this, make sure you check out ​trevorcrane.tv​.

I am here in the jacuzzi today with my trusty dog. And I just was here with my  son. So I’m going to put in a couple of video snippets of that, but he’s not going to make  the Live podcast today.
The subject for today is ask, seek and knock, ask, seek knock. I know you’re going  to love the show.

Okay, so you’re probably familiar with this. This is actually something from the  Bible. I think it’s Matthew 7:7. I know that because I just did I just searched up the  searches up on the Google. So ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find knock,  and it will be open to you. 
This is a pretty cool little phrase. And I have just was just doing some homework  today in my office and I was going through some my old journals. Now if you’re not  keeping a journal, I highly recommend that you do. 
I went through some of my old journals. I was in 2003 2002 2012 2013 2014. And it  reminded me of a time that I was asking questions and the answer was just given to me.
I remember Tony Robbins said that there’s an important formula that there’s an  important thing with this formula that you need to make sure you have clear. 

And number one is when you ask, you don’t want to just ask like bullshit dumb  stuff you want to ask intelligently, which means Like, who do you ask now this is a whole another question of we’re going to get to that when it comes like knocking.
Okay, so let’s go ahead and talk about this first one. For me. I was doing a lot of  personal development work years ago, and I was looking for an incantation, something  that I could use to fire myself up words that I could repeat on a regular basis that I could  use to inspire me.

Like, like Stuart Smalley with an affirmation. Gosh, darn it. I’m good enough. I’m  smart enough and people like me.  

But instead of saying it like that, I wanted to have a phrase like I’m powerful. And  I borrowed some of these from Tony Robbins when I first started working for him. And it  was like in every day in every way, and getting stronger and stronger every day in every  way. 
I’m getting stronger and stronger. And so this stuff worked for a while, but I  wanted something that would inspire me. 
So I decided to ask the question of what words would I like to use that would  move me and inspire me and I got nothing like it was the first time I’d ever like sat down  to write in my journal about some amazing thing.  

I did it on the lanai just like this one. And I wasn’t living in this house at the time.  This was years ago. And I was I went out just be outside with the open blue sky see blue  sky blue sky here in Florida, living in Florida, at the time in West Palm Beach.  

And I came up with nothing like I thought I was a creative guy, but the first day no  answers, but that was okay. I was actually coach that it might take a little while for the  air for this answer to be given. 
And so is day two, day three, day four, and nothing until one day I went to sleep at  night at a time. I was totally not thinking about this question at all. I just had a great day I  went to lay my head down to rest. And I was like, I integrate inhale and exhale. And I  was going to fall asleep. 
And I normally close my eyes. I’m asleep in seconds. But instead, I was given an  answer. And it was an answer that I was so surprised by, I got up and wrote it down. And  it became this poem that is called the gift and I wrote it all down. 
And then this is the poem this phrase that I repeat every single day to myself  multiple times a day, it’s still me, it was the first book I wanted to write was about the gift  that helped me understand.
And not like, really self sabotage when I was going through one of the hardest  times in my life of finally, my bankruptcy and losing my daughter and a lot of different things is because I was able to find the gift. 
So the poem goes like, this is what I got that morning. Thank you, God for loving  me and giving me the gifts I need. For every moment of every day, millions of miracles  come my way. And in the morning, when I rise, I see your love shining through my eyes,  a reflection of you. I see inside of me, guided by love always be.  

So this was the question I asked, which is what, what? And also I was asking, like,  what’s my purpose in life? That’s what I read in my journal. Just recently, is that years  ago, when I did this, I was seeking Why am I here? What am I about?  

And I was reading in my journal year after year after year, because I’ll do another  episode all about journaling. But it was phenomenal what I learned. So ask and you’re  going to go ahead and find what you’re looking for now, or it will be given asked it will  be given. So ask intelligently, ask consistently but don’t don’t get upset if it doesn’t come  immediately. 

So this goes to the seek and you shall find because again, one of the reasons that I  was looking through my journals this morning is I was looking for the journal entry I  wrote years before I ever met my wife. So the second part of this ask, seek and knock is  seek and you shall find seek. 
So I was seeking my significant other I was seeking my wife, I was seeking what I  thought was my soulmate. So is that an event with Tony Robbins, gosh, whole bunch of  Tony Robbins themes come up here. But he was the first one to like, introduced me to all  of these questions. 
And he challenged me to write down what it is that I wanted, who it is I was  looking for. Now, I also challenged me, which is even more important question is who I  needed to become, to attract and keep this person which is a whole nother conversation. 
But at the time, I just wanted to write it out. I wanted to seek out this woman. And  I believe since I was a little kid that I would find the woman I was meant to be with. 
Now, years later, when I met my wife, and we were dating and we were going  through a time where we almost broke up, I was all upset and mad at her because she  went on a date, I wasn’t willing to commit to a relationship. I wasn’t dating anybody else.

But I didn’t want to be exclusive. I’d run this pattern of dating girls. And I’d go  from relationship to relationship. And I was just scared to screw it up again to be with  another mate, great girl, and then be with her for a year or two and then have it work  out. And so I was scared to even commit to her.  

And so she went on a date. And I was all upset. And so I had my little crazy  conversation with myself and with my mentors with Tony Robbins. And I because I  talked to myself, I’m a coach myself.  

And I asked Tony and my mentors what I should do. And when I do that, and I do  it out loud. I went on this talk and I went on this walk and talk and I was talking to  myself coach and myself talking to Tony Robbins pretending like I’m having a  conversation with my buddy of mine is or when I do that.
I have to phrase the conversation and the questions and the challenges in a way  that makes sense because I wouldn’t just talk to them like a crazy person. You know, I  didn’t truly call him up. I dialed my recorded line and pretended I was talking to him.  

And the coaching and advice that he gave me, which is really me coaching myself,  he asked me questions that basically unveiled that I was with the right person, Robin, it  was someone I’d looked for my entire life. And I was just too scared to commit. And so I  was I was right in the middle of self sabotaging it. 
So he actually challenged me to go in and like in journal and look at my old  journals and read what I had written about. And so it just so happened that the time I  was traveling with my journals, one of the most precious resources I have are the  journals that I’ve written.  

And so when I filed my bankruptcy, and I was homeless, and I was traveling  alone, and this is when this conversation came up, I was traveling with my journals. So  went back through and I was skimming through my journals. 
And almost immediately I found the entry and I found an entry the detailed my  wife like down to the down to the letter, there was only one thing that she didn’t have at  the time. And that was big boobs. I hate that I like food. 

So I wanted to be a big boobs, she did not have big boobs at the time. Now we have a new baby and she’s breastfeeding all the time. So the boobs are there.
So there you go. I got everything I wanted. But seek and you shall find it did not  come up for years, I did not find her I was in the wrong relationship of then I was in  another wrong relationship after relationship, wrong relationship. And I kept making  mistakes. And it wasn’t until I lost everything that I found the woman that I was that I  was meant to be with, which is my wife. 

So seek, and you shall find my coaching to us to have patience. When I asked the  question. It wasn’t just given to me, it took me a while to find the answer. It took me a lot  longer to find my wife but I do have a new strategy it is knock and the door will be open  to you.
So knocking and the door will be open I believe is finding a mentor getting specific  about what you want see. Ask and it will be given is about getting clarity about what it is  that you want. And why okay, seek and you shall find is that you have the patience and  the discipline to go ahead and focus on this thing that you want consistently over time.  

So that you’re just so that you deserve it and do the hard work for it and grow as a  human like I was not ready to be with the woman that I am now with. 
At the time I wrote down that those things. There was a whole list I wrote down of  things that I needed to grow, I needed to grow and who I needed to become to show up to  attract her and then keep her but when you knock, you get to open a door. 
See there are maps people have traveled this world before. They have written  books before. I’ve written books. We’ve helped people publish books. I help people  publish books. We help people craft a message that monetizes their mission. This is  something that I do and I’m really good at.   

So I’m my challenge to you today is to get clear about what you want. Seek it so  that you can find it, ask intelligently and then find the person that you can ask. And then  knock on the door.
See, I didn’t start tennis until I mean the tennis courts were there took me a year  to go ahead and decide to start playing tennis. It took me years when I decided I want to  become a scuba that I wanted to scuba dive to actually start that process. He don’t take years to do this. 
If you get clarity today and you start to seek your solutions execute by the way for those of you are watching and and hopefully I played for you it when we do the editing on this.  

We played some of the video of my wife showing up in tennis garb like bouncing  around in with pink, pink headband and pink like wristbands and stuff because we’re  going to go play tennis or in a little bit.
And there’s some kind of tennis tournament going on at the gym where we get to.  It’s called Pretty in Pink or something like that. Anyway, what’s the side was my  challenge I got I got distracted by the dog. And then the pink stuff. 

Here’s my challenge to you get clear about who you who you can’t, what door you  can knock on. Because there are people that have already been down the path. And I  think that we live in a world where there we just have to get clear about the doors, what  are the doors that you want to walk through.
And then who’s got the keys because it is now up to me. And it is up to you to  knock on the door of the person that you want that you want help with to get clear about  what door it is in the building.
Like if you were looking for the bathroom, you better find the bathroom. Because  if you go into the laundry room and you need to go to the bathroom, it’s going to be  confusing. You’re You’re like I’m in the wrong room.  

So you need to make sure you get clear about the doors you need to open and then  go knock some about. I’m about to do the same. The doors that I need to have open for  me the keys are with my mentors.
So today I’m scheduling new meetings with some of my mentors. That’s it. I’m just  I’m getting clear about I’ve got clear about what I want. I’m seeking it out.
And now I’m going to go knock on the door of the people that I think can give me  the key to open it up so I can go into the room because my goals are not the biggest goals  in the world. But they are big to me because their goals I haven’t achieved yet.
So my challenge for you is to ask to seek and to knock and then hopefully if you do this intelligently like I’m suggesting you do today you will find the solutions to what it is  that you’re looking for sooner than later.
That’s all I got for you today. I hope you enjoyed the show and I’ll see you  tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest.
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