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EPISODE 65 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


“If someone offers you a helping hand, take it.” – Trevor Crane

If someone offers you a helping hand, take it.


What do you need that you don’t have yet? 


Ask somebody for help.  

Figure out something that you need that you don’t have yet.  

Get a mentor to help and guide you. 


Today, I share about my experience in asking and receiving help. 

I must admit that my tendency is not to accept help from someone offering to help me. I  even find it an inconvenience when people try to help me. 

But I learned that asking and receiving help can lead to something great and unexpected.  It can lead to new adventures and new friends. 


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Welcome back. Today’s show is about ​asking and receiving help​. And what a  freaking amazing experience it can be to receive somebody’s help and guidance.  

I know you’re gonna love the show. 


So today, we are still on vacation. We’re in upstate New York. And my wife,  daughter and I and a couple of her 11-year old daughter friends or friends. We’re all on  this lake. We were in the Toronto Reservoir. And we’re out kayaking, having a great  time. And I’ve got another podcast I’m scheduling about that, all around the adventure.  But I want to just be really quick today about this ​great experience that happened  because we were willing to receive help​. And how important it is that ​you ask for help  when you need it​.

So we’re all in the lake and we’re just having fun at this little reservoir. The kids  are kayaking near the coastline versus like, running all around the whole lake. Because  we didn’t want to go too far a couple of girls had never been tried kayaking before. And  so they’re playing in the mud. God bless little kids. They can just go ahead and be happy  with just being with each other. And we decided, we got everybody in the kayaks  including my four-month old baby and my wife and I with three kayaks. And we doubled  everybody up in the three kayaks out. And my daughter and her two friends on one  kayak and we kayak out to this little island. 

Now first of all, this is supposed to be a day of adventure and fun with like I said,  I’ve got another podcast episode all about that. But what happened is on the kayak back  from this island that was in the middle of this lake, we got caught in a rainstorm. Now,  no big deal. We’re in the water, you know. The kids were swimming. We have don life  jackets on. It’s all cool and a little bit of rain isn’t going to hurt anybody.  

But one of the guys who was out on a boat came in with his fiancée, I don’t know,  on their boat for the day just having fun. And they saw the rain storm coming in. And  they drove out to, they rode out to my wife who was ahead of me and she had her little  four-month old baby with her. And they said, “Would you like a ride?” And we had  another 20, 30-minute paddle probably. And we got a four-month old baby. 

And here’s the thing. I was further behind the group as I’m the videographer and  film guy, so I was busy with that. And my tendency is to not accept help. It’s to say, “Hey,  you know, I got it.” You know, if I go to a hotel and they try to take my bags, I’m like,  “Dude, it would have been more helpful if you have been here at my house this morning.  I don’t need you to take my bag.” Sometimes I find it an inconvenience when people try  to help me. But in this case, I wasn’t right there to say anything.
And I honestly would have said yes, even though because it was just kind of a  really nice thing. Like they would have helped us, basically drive us to the beach. But  instead, my wife was there, she said yes. They scoop up my wife and four-month old  baby onto their boat. They put the kayak on board. They did the same thing for my  daughter and a couple of friends. And then I’m pulling up to the boat next as I was  backing them up. And we all get on the boat. Real nice couple and they said, “I’ll tell you  what it’d be, you know. How about we just land you on our dock, and you can all jump in  the jacuzzi? That would be really nice and warm.” 

So next thing we know, we’re invited into their home. Next thing, you know, we  have this entire amazing day of where they volunteer to teach my daughter and her  friends how to wakeboard. And we go out wakeboarding. And we hang out with them at  their house. We have dinner with them. They invite us for a bottle of wine, and now  we’ve got some really great friends. 

And it happened in such a really unique, remarkable way where oftentimes I  wouldn’t have been open to receiving the help. And I find myself in similar situations as  an entrepreneur where sometimes I won’t be open to even asking for help. I’m like,  “Dude, I gotta figure it out myself.”

So instead, my advice to you, my challenge to you today is ​to go ahead and make  sure that you ask somebody for help.​ You need to go and figure out something that you  need that you don’t have yet. And I would challenge you to look around and find a  mentor. Find someone that you can hire. I probably said this before in previous podcast.  But if you haven’t done it yet, man, you should ask the world for help. You should hire  somebody. Find somebody who can give you guidance. My first professional mentor  helped me go from 20 grand a month to 80 grand a month inside of five months. 

So that’s all I got for you today. Make sure you make today magnificent and I can’t wait to see more on a daily dose of greatness quest. 

Go out there and get some help and make sure that you ask somebody for help.  And if somebody offers you a helping hand, I say take it. Who knows what adventure  you’ll have. 

All right. Talk to you soon. 

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