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EPISODE 176 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


What’s the fastest and easiest way to CLOSE a high ticket offer? What if it came down to  4-simple questions? Today I’ll reveal the four questions that will help you close the deal.
I’ve been doing a lot of study about influence and about persuasion and about sales.

Today, I really want to ​simplify​ the process.

I’ve got a more in-depth sequence of questions I teach in my book, ​High Paying Clients, that I use all the time.

But I thought you might value this, because well, because it’s really cool.

YOUR CHALLENGE??? If you choose to accept it? Use them.


What do you consider to be a “high ticket offer?” $1,000? $10,000?


“The carrot doesn’t work without the stick.” – Trevor Crane

The carrot doesn't work without the stick.


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How do you close a high ticket offer? That’s the subject of today’s episode of greatness quest.
Okay, guys, I’ve been doing a lot of study about influence and about persuasion  and about sales. And I’m coming to the point where I really want to simplify all the  processes that I have used and that I have been teaching for my clients.  

So today we’re going to talk about the four questions close. There’s four questions  that you can actually ask. And I’ve been trained on this a little bit. I’ve actually asked a  bigger series of questions and my full in my book, ​High Paying Clients ​ that I use all the time.

But I thought you might value this because I’ve been studying books lately that  I’ve been going into in a lot of depth. So instead of just reading them once, I’ve been  reading them multiple times, and just really trying to go in and have a revelation at each  stage of what I learned in the book, share what I’m learning, learning. 
And do so in some way where I’m actually teaching it and then applying it in my  life. So it’s just the next level of mastery is for me to focus on less on fewer things, but to  go deeper and really try to master them. And one of them is to start to implement the  four questions close into my business.
And so I thought you might appreciate this because at one stage of my sales  process, when I’m trying to help people come into my business and support them. I sell  high ticket programs and I say hey, do you want to buy this and I use a variety of things  to build up to this to help people be prepared to invest in themselves to create this result. 
And what I’ve noticed over the years and I’d like to say that has been Monson it’s  only taken me a short period of time to implement this but I’ve noticed over the years  that some of my mentors have just shifted to a lot less sales Enos about what it is that  they offer. 

They’re like, hey, these are this is what we sell. These are the prices and you can buy it when you want. Now they will have incentives. And they’ll run different  promotions. And they’ll run different times when they say, hey, if you’d like to get this,  this or this bonus, or you want to take advantage of this offer, because we’re running a  special campaign, then they’ll have special prices.
But their core offers kind of stay the same even at big ticket items, let’s say 25,000  or more, you know, the these are just what they’re everybody knows their fees. Now in  the past, I don’t necessarily always share what all my stuff costs. 
So this is what I would suggest. If you do not yet have high ticket offers. I strongly  advise that you get one and I think one of the first places to start is my book ​High Paying  Clients. I give that away for free in every episode of my podcast where if you just  download the transcript from my each episode.
You’ll see I just I give a free link for you to just get it. And one of the first things  that it talks about us having the belief in your high ticket offer. So I’m not going to go into  that today. I’m just going to go into the four questions close.
But if you don’t have a high ticket offer I highly recommend that you do  something that’s over $1,000. And then if you properly indoctrinate somebody in that to  your business opportunity, whatever it is that you are offering, whether it’s health, wealth, spirituality, it doesn’t really matter you know this for question close script can  really serve you now.  

I believe this originally came from Dan Kennedy. I’m learning about it and re  learning about it with a Russell Bronson’s book called ​Expert Secrets. And I’ve been going  over this book again and again and again. So I’m going to give you the gist of it here. There are four steps in the fourth question close.
And then I’ll give you my little two cents about it. And then I’m going to turn you  loose. So here are the four questions now this is a closed script. If somebody has already  already seen your presentation, if they already know the value you provide, if you’ve  already shared with them, having with them a conversation where you they know what  you offer. 

And they understand the problems that they’re going through. And they understand the problems that they’re having right now. And they also understand the results that they want to a certain degree. There’s somebody that is already that’s I think, a pre game for this is that they’ve seen something that you do this is not cold turkey. This  is there’s been some kind of warm up.
Okay, so now the four question close. Question number one. And I really love this  question. I used it recently on a podcast, I was interviewed being interviewed on and I  use this as a question to build phenomenal rapport with my prospective client.  

So the question is, imagine you and I were starting to work together today. And I  teach you everything I know and everything and do everything I can to help you get  results, I want you to imagine that we’re sitting in a coffee shop a year from today. 
Now, what would have happened in your life, both personally and professionally,  for you to feel happy with your progress?​ What would make you believe that this was  the best thing decision you ever made? 

Now, what’s great about this is this future paces people into a result that actually  plants the seed that they are working with you. And they did get everything that they  want. And what you’re looking for are their underlying reasons that are deeper than  what first comes out of their mouth. 
So you’re going to need to procure, I call it digging, we think of a little dog digging  in the backyard. They they’re going to bury a bone like they they did, they did they did  you want to go deep, deep, deep, you want to go to three levels deep, there is an external  reward that they’re going to want. That’s probably in the tune of money and lost pounds,  and things like that.
And then there is the internal about how they feel. And what you’re going to find  is that you want to probe for both of those. And what you’re imagine having them  imagine is a future a year from now, where they’ve invested in you and or your program,  and they’ve gotten everything they want in the bag of chips.
How that would make them feel, and what would they have, this is all results  based. It’s a fun part of the content. It’s not always where I have lead people. Oftentimes,  I wanted to start with their pain and problems and things like that. Like I said, in this  context, you’ve probably already got some kinds of idea about where they are with that. 

However, if not, you can still ask them in question number two. So here’s question  number two. Certainly, you know what you want, you’ve painted a really great picture  for me. So thank you for that you did a great job. And let me ask you this, why don’t you  have that yet? ​What’s been standing in your way or holding you back?​ And that’s  question number two.

Now, in my in the past, and if you read my book, ​High Paying Clients, you’ll see  that I typically try to pro more here in the pain and in the problem, and what’s holding  them back what I like about this for questions, close grip, and they have not used it yet  not not to the extent that I’ve actually used it to, to make the high ticket sales. I’ve used it  to build phenomenal rapport.
But I’m in the process of learning it and then mastering it, and then applying it. So I’ll come back to you and report about how this actually works for me. But what I like  about it, as my new fees for my offering an epic other publishing are about to become  very public.
And then everybody’s going to know, these are my fees. I charge this much for  this, this much for that and this much for that. And then I really want to get down to the  simplicity of just asking great questions to find out if people are the right fit to go into  different parts of the program.
And so I really like this one, because again, I’ve trained myself in this place where  this was my weakness, this is where I never wanted to focus, which is what is the reason  standing behind why you’re what’s holding you back.
But this is everything like once they have a clear picture about what they want,  and you help them with that. And you get cleared to their internal and external desires  about what’s really going on this next one, I think it’s the carrot and the stick, you just got  the carrot, what do they want? And now what is holding them back of what are their  problems.  

So the important part in this step for me is that they associate the feeling of what  it’s like living like this. That’s what it is. For me, if you read my book, ​High Paying Clients ​ ,  you’ll see that I go very deep here, because I want them to have clarity, because I find  that people will act more when they’ve got the stick, then they’ve got the the carrot only.  

So make sure you go deep into this question number three. I want you to now  think you’d be out. ​What resources, connections, talents, or skills that you have  access to that you’re not currently utilizing 100% ones that would help you  overcome your obstacles and achieve your goals? 
What again, I’m really liking about this question as I share it with you. And I’m  just reflecting is that what we’re doing is we are asking the client or potential prospect  what they can do, and what resources they can deploy. And I love this because it’s not  just that you are their savior, that if you buy my stuff, you know, I will save your life. 
You we are in this process, empowering people to learn how the can fire  themselves up, and how they can transform this because any real results are going to  come from them. 

I used to think that results came for me, and that I would be working with my  clients. And they got it because of my my divine intuition and my phenomenal guidance  and how great I was. And lo and behold, that I learned that that was just a complete ego  trip I was on.  

And the truth is, is that they did all the hard work to get what they wanted and  where they were going. And that I was just kind of in the way the truth was, I should  have just probably done a better job of stepping back and allowing them permission to  succeed or fail on their own.  

So then what another whole part of this is to make sure that you are using what I  call like active listening, where you repeat back to them using their language. What it is  that you understood?
Oftentimes when you do that, and you ask great questions, you can find out that  you don’t have clarity, even though you might have used exactly their words and  language to describe circumstances.
The reason is, questions like this help people lead themselves to what’s really  going on. Oftentimes, if you use active listening, and you repeat back to them, what you  think you heard, and what you think they said they want. And what do you think the  they said that they moving away from what you think their resources are, in this case, then you’re paid all that back to them.
And you’ll go, Did I get that right? And they’ll say, No, you didn’t get it, right. You  weren’t listening. And it’s insane. Like you can I record my conversations like this with  my clients permission so that I can use it to our benefit.  

And it’ll be it’s surprising like that, you just repeat it back to them exactly what  they said. But they said, That’s not it, because they haven’t yet figured it out and  discovered it. So this is a great, phenomenal process of discovery. So I like these  questions.  

Question number four, is a very light hearted question that I think really cuts to  the meat of this. And it is now that you understand that and you repeat back to them.  Because this, this, this active listening thing is really key is that you repeat back to them  what they want the channel and they’re having a not getting them what they think their  resources are to leverage that they can go ahead and get there. 
And then now you can go ahead and ask them. So would you like my help with  that, you know, in fact, to read it straight out of the scripting here. So I only have for  question number four, I only have one more question, ​do you want me to help you? And then you stop talking.

And if you don’t say another word. Look, when you ask a question like this, it’s the  first one who speaks often loses. So you really want to give them the space to just truly  decide whether or not they want your help.
I was going through the process making with a sale with a couple of business  partners of mine. And we were out working with restaurants, helping them turn things  around. And we had three different roles like I was the coach and more of the service  oriented systems type person that would improve communication.
Another friend of mine was all about, we call them Dr. profit. And another one  was all about marketing. And the three of us partner in a project called Project  restaurant. And we’re meeting with a client, we’re asking him questions.  

And at one stage, this question came up, it wasn’t exactly this for question close  that I just gave you. But it is in our system in asking like, Hey, would you like our help?  

And the person the the restaurant owner, described their circumstances being  really desirable on what they wanted very horrible about their problems and challenges  and where they really were at that stage. And we were totally positioned to be able to  help them. And they basically were asking for help as least.
So it seemed, but in this case, we asked it some type of question around like this  would would you like our help to implement this change? And their answer was no. 
And it was so confusing, because I wasn’t actually asking the questions. That stage  was a friend of mine named Steve. And he was going through and asking the questions.  And the way the question was even answered, it was just confusing.  

And Steve moved on, he’d like moved on to the next level, the sale and I  interrupted as a bowl, hold on a second, if I understand correctly, you have this big debt. And if you don’t shift things, you’re going to be out of business in two months. 
And you’ve already invested two and a half million dollars in this and you haven’t  solved it in two and a half years, and you have two months left, and you have a little bit  of capital left, you could ask us to come in and help you in turn things around. But you  don’t want to. You got it handled all on your own?
And he said, Yes, absolutely. And I was like, Oh, excellent. This is phenomenal.  Like we can leave now. Like this is not someone who wants our help. This is someone  who does not want our guidance, even if we can help him he thinks he’s got it all figured  out. 
Like it’s important to not try to push everyone and so that was an excellent  example of us listening to the answers and not trying to convince someone but to give  them what they want it what he wanted was to talk to us about his circumstances and  then he wanted us to leave and then he was going to go do it on his own which was  totally awesome. 

And I know for a fact that that business is not in a is not around anymore  therefore dude you had to go back and get a corporate job which is what he told us that  he was gonna go do. I’m assuming I haven’t talked to him since but this is these questions  I think are phenomenal.  

I would highly advise that you go deep in whatever it is that you’re trying to learn  and apply not necessarily reading 1000 books. I’ve read a bunch of books lately but I’m  going deeper in them to try to find the meaning for you. And this the the revelations for  you and what you can apply. 

Okay, that’s all I got for you. Make today magnificent.
And I’m excited about the upcoming episodes that I’ve got for you. So stay tuned  and I hope this was valuable for question close script for you. Download the transcript if  you haven’t yet if you want to get this as the actual scripting so you’ve got it. 

And I’ll see you tomorrow another daily dose of greatness quest.
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