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EPISODE 167 of a Daily Dose of Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane


Want to be a better leader? Entrepreneur? Coach? Consultant? Husband? Wife? Friend? Other? ​Tony Robbins has a beautiful way of describing the “steps” to Mastery.

I attended my first seminar with Tony Robbins in September of 2002.
In short, Tony changed my life. All areas. Well, he helped “me” change my life.

I can’t properly describe how grateful I am for that gift. ​I even met my wife at one of his events. Here is a little formula he taught me about Mastery.

I have found it to have profound value. 


What area of your life are you committed to MASTERY? Marketing? Leadership? Scuba  Diver? Karate? Love-Making? Speaker? Author? ​I’m genuinely curious.

“Jump in with both feet, vs. dipping a toe to test the water.” – Trevor Crane

Jump in with both feet, vs. dipping a toe to test the water.


Pick something that you are committed to mastering. 

Apply the 3 steps to mastery: modeling, total immersion and spaced repetition into your  your daily, weekly or monthly protocol, whatever that means to you.


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Recently I was asked a question about what I would do if I could go back in time  and visit myself at some point in the past. And how old would I go back to like, what I  talked to myself when I was 10 or 12 or 20? or What is it? And what would I say?  

So the subject for today is called mastery. Actually, it’s 3 STEPS TO MASTERY.  

I’m going to share with you one of the strategies that I got from Tony Robbins, I  think it is the way to go ahead and master anything. 

I know you’re gonna love the show. 


Alright, 3 steps to mastery. Now, whether you want to be a better leader,  entrepreneur, coach, consultant, a better husband, a better wife, a better friend, whether  you want to master marketing or become a black belt, or whatever it is. 

And I’m in the process of looking at things in my life right now. And upping my  game when it comes to what it’s going to take to become a master at the level that I want  to be a different things. 
I just started playing tennis for the first time kind of ever. I took lessons when I  was maybe 18 or 19 years old for like six months or three months or something. When I  was in college, and they showed me how to hold a racket. And that was about it. You  know, maybe I swung the racket around, and I don’t even remember what I learned back  then. 
And since then, over the years, I probably only played Gosh, a couple of dozen  times. And recently on one of my other podcasts. I was mentioning that it really  frustrated me that I don’t play sports anymore.  

When I was a little kid I used to play all the time I used to play or used to run track  is play football used to play basketball. I mean, if there was a sport, I tried to do it. The  only one I didn’t get into as a little kid was golf and I loved it. I love the competition. I  love the growth. I love the challenge.  

And I love putting my heart and soul into something and really learning how to play when I finally started a sport in college. That was like a college sport. I played rugby  on my Arizona State University on the college rugby team. And it was great because it  was a new sport for me.  

I was scared to try anything new like anybody else. I mean, a lot of people might  not admit that we as adults get scared of stuff. But the truth is, I was scared. I was a  young adult, but my buddy was gonna go play rugby. And so I was it was a middle more  comfortable for me. 
So I went out and tried to do it. And when I started playing rugby, I sucked. Like, I  didn’t know the rules of the game. And I’m not the biggest guy in the world. You probably  hear my voice right now. You’re like, oh my god. This guy is like the White Rock. Like he,  his his hair is. And and eyebrows are more transparent.  

Like, I’ll bet you this Trevor guys from the future. And I’m sure he’s huge. He’s  like, got to be as big as Tony Robbins. That is not the case. I don’t care how cool you think  my voice is. I’ve always been a little guy. All right. I’m more like the white Chris. Chris.  Kevin. Kevin Hart. 

That’s my wife called me last night. She’s like, all right. Anyway, hold on, On  another subject. Okay, rugby, I started rugby. And I was sucking miserably at it. I didn’t  even understand the rules. Now I had heart, I had desire. I was trying to do well, trying  to show up in front of these other rugby players.  

In college, my senior year, I start off on a brand new sport trying to make my  college team. And it wasn’t until I went, I’m going to give you the three steps tonight,  again, limits are giving you what the three steps to mastery are. So you’ve got them. 
And then I’m going to finish the story here and a little bit. So the three steps to  mastery that I learned from Tony Robbins, and he shares this at his first the first event I  ever went to. It’s called unleash the power within I attended my first seminar with Tony  Robbins in September of 2002. So it’s like 6, 16 years later now.  

And what Tony taught me at that event, truly changed my life in all areas. And I’ll  say that maybe he didn’t change my life. He helped me change my life. Because he didn’t do necessarily anything. He He gave me some tools. He talked to me about some truth. 
And he challenged me to step up and lead and step up and become the man that would not just follow, but that would lead in stand beside him. Which is, well, what I’m  committed to doing every single day of my life, to try to help people teach them to  become rich and happy.  

Okay, so what I just can’t properly describe how grateful I am for that gift that  Tony gave me. So that’s why I have my podcast and a variety of other things in my life. I  met my wife at a Tony Robbins event where we were both volunteering. 

So at this first event, he taught us a little formula that he he called, like, the secrets  to mastery are the three steps to mastery and your road to mastery I’ll give you now.

So step number one is ​modeling​. And if you have heard this before, then I’m  reminding you that maybe you should listen again and look into more depth of how you  can actually model someone.

Or I’m going to give you the three steps right now. They’re ​modeling​, ​total immersio​n and ​spaced repetition​. We’ll go over one at a time.

But modeling, this is not just modeling someone, what Tony talks about is  modeling somebody who’s absolutely totally outstanding. And in his event, he tells a  story about how he went out for his first Polo lesson. And this one of the funniest stories  he actually ever shared.  

My dad plays Polo. And so when I first got to, like, introduce him to Tony and see  that my dad’s reaction to that whole story, it was just amazing. But when Tony went out  to play Polo, for the first time, I didn’t know how to ride. And he had kind of a challenging experience.  

And what he did is he got a little bit better taking lessons from the local instructor,  the guy that was had a great heart and kind of knew what he was doing, and gave Tony a  great experience. But he wasn’t making progress. He had to go take riding lessons, it was  really frustrating for him, and he just wasn’t really killing it.  

So what he did is he decided to practice the steps of mastery, and find someone  who is absolutely outstanding, and what they did. Now, when I choose a mentor, I’m  looking for a mentor that is outstanding.  

And I measure them based on number one, that they have created great results  for themselves. And number two, that they have experienced, helping other people create great results. This is my measure, not Tony’s but Tony talks about in mastery. You  want to find someone who is at the best at what they do, who is absolutely and totally outstanding.
And so he found an instructor, hold on a second computer stop as my alarm going  off, he found it found an instructor. He found someone who is a professional polo player  who was one of the top of his game. And he made a deal with him to go ahead and get  him to teach Tony how to play Polo. 
And what happened is in the next year, and next six months, whatever it was,  Tony’s game of Polo went to heights, no one could ever believe he got Most Valuable  Player because he was modeling the best of the best. And that person showed them these  little nuances that well, he didn’t work any harder. He just worked a significant amount  smarter.  

And Tony won best, most improved player in that first season that he was playing  Polo because of his experience working with someone who he modeled someone  absolutely outstanding. Now, step number two in in in total mastery is immersion and  total immersion. 
So what Tony talks about this, he shares that like, that’s why he does a three day  event. Actually, it’s a four day event. And then he invites people back to come to another  event with him called date with destiny. And that’s like a week or five days or seven days  or something like that. And this is a really important part.  

And when I was out trying to play rugby, I was barely surviving on the field I  didn’t really know how to tackle I’d been I didn’t know the rules of the game I was  making mistakes all over the place I didn’t know how to throw the ball catch the ball run  whatever was. 

So they offered a weekend workshop where we would go and do this intensive  workshop and just play rugby all weekend and I excelled massively with the total  immersion experience. In fact, I’ll probably pat myself on the back for here for a  moment, I want Most Improved Player at the at the at the camp because went to this  rugby camp.  

And by the time I was done because of the total immersion because we did  nothing else would get up in the morning and live, eat and sleep. This rugby thing, I learned the rules of the game, I learned how to play, I learn how I could use my talents  and skills in that environment, it would have taken me all year to come up with what I  learned in an intensive event. 

Which is right now why I am part of several mentoring groups and mastermind  groups that I attend and go spend my money to fly on airplanes all around the world and  spend my time and money to go ahead and and, and take away from my family and do a  variety of things so that I can push myself to a total immersion event. 

This is also why in my wife’s business, and in my business, I’d have immersion  events and experiences just like I learned from Tony, because I know if you’re going to  learn something or master something, you need to jump in with both feet. Or you can  dabble and in not to master anything.  

And so I’m experiencing this right now as I’m learning play tennis. So let’s move  on to step number three spaced repetition.  

So I just talked to my tennis coach this morning. And he’s teaching this group  class. And my wife and I have now been to a handful of these lessons. And I you know,  he complimented me that have a really nice stroke.  

But I’m one of the I have the worst accuracy. I’m probably the worst player at the  club like it. I mean, my wife was doing so well today with tennis, and she’s had less  instruction i have she was just killing it. She’s doing amazing. And I’m disgusted with  how poorly I’m doing now should I be mad at myself, I’m not mad at myself. I haven’t  ever really done it. So.  

But if I want to become my best, which is the purpose of my show greatness quest  for me personally, to become my best at anything and everything that I like, try to do. I’m  looking in tennis and I’m like, damn it. Not only do I need total immersion, not only do I  need to model the best. 
So I got I now just talk to my tennis coach today about hiring him for private  lessons. And I will want I’m going to start going to private lessons. And whether I go to  110 2100, I’m not sure. But what I do know is that I need spaced repetition. At the end of  today’s miserable showing that I had playing tennis this morning with my wife or I got  totally schooled.

Like I said, I feel like I’m the worst person at the club. And this is just a local  YMCA. I don’t know what it cost. It’s not even that much more to join the tennis party  was just now I picked up the little rackets that they give you in them.  

And I’m playing but he said, Trevor, what you need a reps. He goes, Yeah, I said, I  said, I want to hire you for private lessons. I want to get some help. I know what it’s  going to take to become good at this. And I want to become the best. I want to become my  best. I want to beat everybody at the club. 
I didn’t actually tell him that. I’m now admitting that to you. I I would think you’d  be a great story. Or if I said I was the worst at the club. And then I could go ahead and  beat everybody. How cool would that be? Then we’ll see. I don’t know. I don’t know that.  

I’ve honestly set that goal. Although I kind of had the little kid in me wants to go ahead and just say I can do it. I want to be the most improved player in the shortest  period of time. 

Well, what is it going to take? I’m going to take lessons from the best in the club.  That’s the coach I’m going to that’s that. That’s the tennis pro. I’m going to go total  immersion where I’m going to almost every group class I can possibly make because  there’s just he’s only got availability. So much time during the weekends. 

I’m going to every single class trying. I showed up for two lessons in one day, once  in the morning, one in the afternoon. And he was like it was the first head coach with  him. He’s like, What is your problem? Like, what are you competing for? And it’s for me,  it’s to become my best.
And now what I recognize that I need this spaced repetition and consistency. And  my coach this new tennis coach Pro, he wouldn’t sell me one class that that I was looking  for it. But he said, I don’t sell less than four sessions with me, because in one session, it’s  not enough.  

And so in my program that I work with people in epic author publishing, or in my  epic author accelerator, or in our legacy mastermind group, and different things like the  intention is, is a commitment of time minimum is three months to work with someone,  the average like it, typically it’s a six month program. 

My average client is six to 12 months to lifetime client, because what they need is total immersion. They need the consistency, but we also need to master something we  need spaced repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition. 

And he said, Trevor, nothing is going to replace the reps. He goes, if you’re going  to go out and play with your wife. Don’t just play you guys going to practice on your own.  He’s like, you need to practice one shot and work on one thing and don’t do it three or  four times. Do it 50 times.
So I’m talking to you right now about the advice my tennis pro gave me this  morning on trying to just improve my stroke. It’s not that I have the worst form in the  world. I have pretty good form. He said, You’re holding the racket, you’re swinging it  pretty well. You’re just your accuracy. 

And the way these you’re hitting the ball sucks and it’s not because you suck, it’s  because I don’t have the reps. He’s like just hated lightly. Just be consistent. And then  there you go.  

So my advice to you might challenge to you is to pick something that you are  committed to mastering and on and apply these things apply modeling total immersion  and Spaced Repetition into your your daily your weekly, your monthly protocol, like  whatever that means to you.  

The three steps here are the road to mastery. I didn’t make them up. I’m just  sharing with you what seems to frickin work and I look forward to Oh my god. Wouldn’t  it be really cool if I said I want like a tennis round robin tournament or whatever they  call them. I don’t know.  

I don’t know what it calls we need join their tennis champ be I don’t know  something. If my clubhouse one and we compete against each other. I’m going to join  and I’m sure right now I will lose. But my would be a great celebration to win and be the  best. And really what I’m trying to do is not beat everyone else. I’m trying to be my best.  

So I challenge you to be your best. And not just at tennis. But being the best mom  and about being the best speaker and about being the best author and about being the  best friend. And about being the best son or daughter and lover and leader in learner,  whatever it is for you.  

And I’m looking at every single one of these categories. And I’m looking at the facts of where I am the fruit of what I have created. So that I can be proud and  congratulate myself of where I’m at. But then I challenged myself to go to the next level  of where I need to go where I have no choice but to expand. 

And and I’m committed to getting better in all of these areas. I don’t want to be  someone who’s great at one or two things. I want to have it all I want to become the best  leader, the best father, the best businessman, the best, the best friend, the best son, I  want all of those things, the best father, all of them. I don’t want some of it. A lot of  people talk about that most people preach about that. 
One of the things I’m most excited about to be part of the wake up warrior  movement. sure you’ve heard me talk about this before is that there’s a group of men  and women that are committed to that code of living a life of having it all.  

And that’s what my commitment is. I want to live life without limits. I want to  have it all. And I don’t want to sit back and make excuses. I want to tell you about how by  setbacks were setups for success versus my excuses for why I didn’t create shit.  

I’m guessing if you’re still listening to me that you have some part of you that  believes the same thing and doesn’t mean you got to do it all. But it doesn’t mean that you  got to get started.  

So pick something to become better at today. And then pick something that you  want to master. I’m in the process of reading some books right now. And I’m going  through ​Expert Secret ​ s, for example, and it’s the fourth or fifth or maybe sixth time. I’m  getting confused about how many times I’m reading it because I’m going back.  

And some chapters are more relevant to me than others. And I’m listening to him  again. And again. And again. And I’m listening to them on audio. I have the physical  book, I take notes, I’m going through it. And I’m going to go through it again. And I’m  going to go through it again.  

And my guess is I will probably read that book 10 or 20 times. And then again, and  then I’m going to read it again. And I’m looking at some of the masterful books that I’ve  had in the past and that I’ve consumed in his time to go back and consume them not just  once, not just twice, but to go ahead and understand my the journey of mastery and  commit myself to these three steps. 

And I don’t know what you’re going to commit yourself to. But for the love of all  that is holy pick something that you aspire to master and then break down the formula.  And it started with a start. 

If you listen to my podcast, it wasn’t. But a couple of weeks ago, I was bitching and  whining and complaining that I was walking in the dark looking at my gym looking at  the tennis courts and whining to in telling you my story about why I don’t play sports  anymore and making excuses.  

And today it’s just a couple weeks later. I’ve now got some experience under my  belt. Is it pretty? No. Is it beautiful? No. It’s the worst. But that doesn’t mean that that’s  where it’s going to be in the future. 

All right. Have the courage to get started. Have the courage to suck first.  Everybody sucks at first have the courage to suck. Anything worth doing well is worth  doing poorly. 

First all right I know that there’s some good quotes and I don’t remember where  they are someone probably said all that stuff before but that’s it. 

Make today magnificent. Pick something that you can master and then I’ll see you  tomorrow on another daily dose of greatness quest. 

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