Join us at Stingray City in the Bahamas and get a look at what it takes to turn your idea into success.

On this show you’ll discover:

  • The one HUGE mistake I made (and most entrepreneurs make all the time) and how you can MAKE SURE you don’t do the same thing.
  • Three Secrets To Building A Successful Business (and probably more lessons if you look for them).
  • Your Job As An Entrepreneur – to help you create FAST success.

18 years ago I lived in the Bahamas and “tried” unsuccessfully to start a Tour Business using stingrays as the attraction. While on vacation with my family, I discovered a “thriving” and extremely successful business, that EXECUTED this idea with perfection.

Come and enjoy Stingray City’s friendly and gentle rays with Trevor Crane and his family, as they feed the stingrays, pet them and enjoy the wonders of nature with this unique Stingray City Bahamas experience.



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